CräääZZZYyy from GermanyYyy



Ahhhhh! die Invasion den Deutschen hat begonnen!
(Ahhhh! The German Invasion has begun! Yikes!) :laugh2:

Willkommen in ADv.2 @ OoCheekyBabyoO

Darlin Tweety

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Originally posted by CrAzY_AnGeL
@ all ... Thanks ...

@ Liza ... That doenst matter ... hm.. maybe i think children aged 7 - 15 (about) are better...

@ darlin tweety ... Thanks...Yeah i am typical for my tongue ... *laugh*

welcome ;)


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@ aphrodite..i find i very nice and interresting here..i compare always with the german forums..the stuff here (themes) are completely different ..

@ My Sweety OoCheekyBabyoO

U here too...*lach* :D


@°My°sweety° CrÄzYä_ÄnGeLä...

...l´oh mamma mia :laugh2: . Didn't you know? :crazy:


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Originally posted by CrAzY_AnGeL
OOhhlalaa :laugh2:

Hmm , how to introduce myself ?! :shock:

Ok let me begin by saying that i am a girl *ääh* Woman :D from Germany (Stuttgart) .. I am 18 years old and i am still (unfortunately) a student..I am hardhearing , but i have many deafies in my familiy ..

Why i am here ??

In the german deaf-chat ( i searched after good american schools for deaf , because I want to go there..So an user suggested me to go here :D

... U want more know about me ?? AaaSSSKkkk MMEEee

Hmm.. I hope u all arent bored about me .. :D

ah before i forget .. Why this name ?? Cause i am blond like an angel but sometimes i am CrraaaZZZyy

SeeYa CräZYYy

Hi Crazzzy from Germany -- welcome to AD....I'm part German myself! But am an all American woman currently living in Australia! ;)
Can you tell me more about Germany and how you like living there? I've always wanted to take a holiday to Germany and travel throughout the country....hopefully one day in the future. :P




Hi and greetings. I was in Germany for 2 years and must say I loved it. Glad to have you here.