CräääZZZYyy from GermanyYyy


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OOhhlalaa :laugh2:

Hmm , how to introduce myself ?! :shock:

Ok let me begin by saying that i am a girl *ääh* Woman :D from Germany (Stuttgart) .. I am 18 years old and i am still (unfortunately) a student..I am hardhearing , but i have many deafies in my familiy ..

Why i am here ??

In the german deaf-chat ( i searched after good american schools for deaf , because I want to go there..So an user suggested me to go here :D

... U want more know about me ?? AaaSSSKkkk MMEEee

Hmm.. I hope u all arent bored about me .. :D

ah before i forget .. Why this name ?? Cause i am blond like an angel but sometimes i am CrraaaZZZyy

SeeYa CräZYYy


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W E L C O M E A D 2! :wave:

How far ur place to Braunschweig, Germany? My friends, used go school together moved from Ukraine, invited me there I would like to visit there someday but I'm stunk with work and care of my 2 y.o. daughter right now :)

Talk to u more sometimes :cool:


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Hey there crazy gurl :D I'm living in Norway. Helloooo neighbor!

American schools? High school or college?


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@ all ... Thanks ...

@ Liza ... That doenst matter ... hm.. maybe i think children aged 7 - 15 (about) are better...

@ darlin tweety ... Thanks...Yeah i am typical for my tongue ... *laugh*


Herzlich Willkommen in AllDeafv2!
Wie ich mit Ronaldinho auch gesagt habe, ich kann auch Deutsch, aber ich bin Amerikaner. War für fünf Monate in Darmstadt gewesen.
Hast Du schon in den USA einen Urlaub gemacht? Wenn ja, wo?
Viel Spaß wünscht Dir!

(Welcome to AllDeafv2!
As I already told Ronaldinho, I also know German, but I am American. I was in Darmstadt for five months. Have you done a vacation in the USA? If yes, where?
I wish you much fun!)