Cost of Ear Molds/ what is better hard or soft for profound loss?


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My audiologist likes to make his own hard ear molds and often "sells" his brand with a promise that I would like them as well as that they would last longer. I had them as a child and didn't like them. I have worn a semi soft/hard for years and a hypo allergenic brand. I love it but I also have found that they aren't really lasting as long as they used to and presume its due to the change of the chemical make up of the ear mold or advancement in cheaper material to create the mold. He says that he only can use this one company to make the soft molds and charges $130 for a pair. I usually get a pair once a year and have to remind him no vent hole and to make sure that they make the soft mold of the entire ear. its been challenge to make this a two time trip with the first to make the mold and the second to pick them up which usually ends up being a month long process to get them made properly. I am curious if I am being duped or not. My previous audiologist was so much easier going and had no issues .


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I order my earmolds online through lloyds hearing aids. They send you the impression material, you do it, mail it back, and they send the finished mold with tubing attached. Very easy to do and they give two impressions per ear so you can practice on the first then do it better on the second one. Used them for years without issue.

I also always include what I want in my initial order and with a note in the return box: full shell, no vent, etc so the tech that receives it knows my order.

Soft is better for severe or profound to get a tight seal which allows for more HA gain without feedback.

While it's fine your Audi makes his own, you should not be required to use his product.


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I dig in like a large Jacksmule when REQUIRED TO USE this or that only. (Ya right, you and what army?lol) I can pick a good doctor. I tend to stay with until they retired like I did with John Fenema of Maryland Hearing Aid Service. I think I was 6 when he provided hearing aids until I was into my 40's and involved in trucking. He took care of my new set and molds at the Mercy Hospital Location in Baltimore. I rarely change doctors. But never have any that "Requires me to buy this or use that." thats a red flag.

I use in ear hearing aids for 30 plus years maybe even 40 I don't know anymore. I'll have to check. What I have always done is get new molds when I squealed too much with the old tube from behind ear hearing aid to mold. Many times they get water in that tube. So annoying. Every 6 months or less go back for new molds new tubes etc. And people wonder why we choose not to use that kind of hearing aid anymore.

All of my in ear hearing aids have molds made in place then the Lab that builds the hearing aids into the molds know to form a thin layer of clear fluid that hardens into a very smooth outer surface on the mold itself that goes into the ear. At that point its very smooth and does not interfere much with the usual human part over time with skin issues and so on if any. I might get 10, 15, 20 years plus out of them. The reasons I cannot use them anymore is because literally the company has gone out of business and there are no labs with the parts for those old obsolete models to fix or rebuild anymore. Progress is always forward.

I usually vent mine. In trucking you can be bypassing Esienhower Tunnel (Thats about 12000 feet up and that pass is around 14300 feet up and over. As long the body's ear tubes in the neck are working I can handle the pain. Just cannot hear for a while (Ironic isnt it...) I might be coming downgrade off a long pull out west and it might be 40 miles to the bottom. Ear pain all the way down. Eventually the body adjusts. No different than say flying. But it will have to wait a bit before i can hear again.

I usually use very powerful hearing aids, boost levels are at least 50Db. I don't know what all the audiologist has to do to make it work however for me he gets the POWAH... If the factory digs in then his lab will make it happen. I go through batteries like crazy however its worth it when a bolt got loose way in the back of the trailer and rattles worse and worse in a thunderstorm. You can pick up on that when it's quiet enough at work when something isnt normal in sound. WIth big enough hearing aids to boost the volume.

Ive been half tempted to make my own boost to headphones. (Over ear models) but thats a subject for another day. I replace the molds with new ones made every time I squeal too much. Usually when chewing food. Now I know some of you would go ew. But there are certain experiences to using hearing aids that I consider normal and when they do squeal when chomping food, it can be interfering with what the wife is trying to tell you.

Which leads you to sleep on the roof again in the far corner. Im pretty sure misunderstandings are not wanted. =)