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Hey Guys, as a lot of you know I am in school for Graphic Design. I have run into my first problem in class in just over a year. I have the whole Adobe CS5 suite. is it easier just creating a contact page in InDesign or in Bridge, and either way how do I make it a jpg and not a pdf? They have a tutorial on our school site on how to do it but I cant hear it and the guy moves way too quickly through screens for me to see how he does, it, any help would really help me out, I emailed my instructor to see if he can help but no response yet and I am already a day late on the assignment! Please and thank you ahead of time!

Evo Dragon

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pdf files for sharing files or download files from web.

jpg files for use to create your own picture.

Are you create your own web design something or create your own brochure?
I used to work graphic design for ten years. I resigned due company went bankruptcy.