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I know I speak differently due to my hearing loss, but I was recently turned down for a job and one of the reasons given was that I slurred my speech. Before I was laid off I worked for 16 years on the phone doing Customer Service and no one ever said anything regarding my speech. Confused and Angry.


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Your speech may be getting worse as your hearing gets worse. At some point during the decline of my hearing a couple of people said I was developing a deaf accent. I did not notice, of course.

Recently a woman I barely know and only see maybe once a month told me that my speech has improved since getting my CI.

I hope you qualify for a CI soon. Wonder if this job situation might help you qualify.


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It could have been discrimination but making that kind of a challenge takes over your life and is extremely hard to prove.

Since you worked in a stable situation for a long time you may not have had much feedback about your speech in some time. Perhaps you can harness that anger and do some refreshing with a speech therapist. this is a time for putting your best foot forward so 'sharpening' up your speech might be a lot like buying a new outfit for interviews. It's another way to show your best side. This unpleasant experience may end up a blessing, but only in hindsight.

Good luck and keep us informed.


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Was non-slurred speech an essential job requirement?

Do you have proof?

If you do, you should file a complaint with the EEOC or your state EEOC branch.

I have helped people through several EEOC claims and have read basically everything on the EEOC website including all of the discrimination settlements. You can PM me if you want, I want to help.


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The job description listed good communication skills. The thing is no one else Friends, Family, Coworkers or past customers from my last position or my temp work up to now have ever mentioned anything regarding my speech other than I speak loudly. I wear Niadas so it was apparent to the interviewer that I'm Hard of Hearing. I was just told that I did not make the cut.


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Do you know why you laid off from your last job ? Do you think you could get a job recommandation letter from them so when try to get another job use the letter if you need to ? Good communication skills it more than having a 'prefect sounding voice' , you have to be a good listener too and there are hearing people that are horrible at this . So if a person has an accent they have 'poor communication skills ' too ?


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Job recommendation/reference letters (or calls these days) does not always help- it's only one tiny piece of the whole picture. In fact more often than not most don't ask for references any more in my experience- at least in IT.

Yes they are important but I wouldn't rely on it heavily either.

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[QUOTE=" I don't care for the implants because they are not really permanent solutions, I was told that they will need to be updated. I would must rather have an aid that I take out and put into my ear(s) so that it is my choice when I hear more and also easier for any upgrades or improvements that come along. Hearing Aids have really made a lot of improvements over the last 30 years.

As for the speech issue, yes when you hear yourself you tend to speak better than when you do not. This could be something that Vocational Rehabilitation services may be able to help you with. I can understand that increasing deafness could impact your ability to speak clearly.

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Proving discrimination is a whole other can of worms and very difficult. Been there. Even had a union rep for my case. Still lost the battle. When people don't want you working with them there really isn't anything you can do about it. Just let the door slam on your way out and keep going.

My next door neighbor's father began losing his hearing as he aged, he told me - that until that happened he really didn't understand what I was dealing with. Karma does it's own time, so let that door slam. My neighbor's father is a very sweet man and we were always close to the family. Hearing people cannot fully understand or comprehend some of our frustrations.


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To be honest. Employers could be scared to hire a disabled person.
Or maybe you do slur your words a little.
But maybe they specifically wanted someone with good speech. Unless they didn't say so on anything I think you should take action you think is best to take.