Communications, of what to talk about:


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I think saying you "offended him by your own account" doesn't mean your account on means you say you did it, you account for it in your story.

Asking if he watches sports is a totally normal question. Asking if he CAN watch sports is what a lot of people on here took your question as. So depending on which you asked him it either makes sense he was offended, or he's a loony.

In general, the deaf people I know are aware that we hearies live in a world of sound. And it isn't "rubbing it in" when we talk about music or such, because most deaf people don't feel they're missing out on something. And some people with hearing loss, even very profound, do enjoy music in some form or another. Some don't. My advice is don't hold back on anything because he is deaf. If he isn't interested, he'll tell you, or smile and nod...just like if one of your hearing friends goes on about something you don't care about.

I totally get that it can be a little awkward when you meet someone new, from ANY other culture. You don't want to offend, and in trying to be sensitive you probably "stick your foot in your mouth" even more. You may need to focus on making it a non-issue, until you two are more comfortable with each other and it actually becomes a non-issue.


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Presumably one "communicates-talk or sign" of interest to each other. If there is nothing in "common"-seek other persons.


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Ask deaf friend where u went to school. So, u will know how much he can sign. B/c some of 'em came from mainstream school or deaf school with the way they sign different not like each of 'em.


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Pretty: if he doesn't want communicate with you-than find some other person who will. Life is too short to get "upset" by his apparent lack of reciprocity.
He doesn't "represent the Deaf community".