Cochlear N7 Nucleus 7 in brown, full package brand new.


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I have the full Cochlear N7 kit, new in boxes/packages, never programmed, never used.
Supporting Documents envelope.
Welcome Tablet / Tutorial device.
Nucleus 7 Sound Processor package- device, manual, remote, usb cable, coil. new in box
Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ package- device, manual, cables, plug. new in ox
2 PCS Snugfit medium new in plastic package.
Earhook medium new in plastic package.
Microphone cover new in plastic package.
Slimline coil new in box.
Y Battery Charger new in box.
USB power adapter, all common country plug types new in box.
2 PCS Standard Rechargeable Battery Modules new in box.
Nucleus Everyday Case - no box never used.

This is the kit they sent to my mom but was unable to get programmed and use before she passed.
Bulk wholesale price was $11,595.00, I'm asking 4000 including shipping.
I've seen several used packages like this for around $3500, this one is new and has more stuff for just 500 more.

You can see pictures of all the items here