Cochlear Kanso with New Profile Plus Implant


Hi I received my cochlear implantation on 3/4/20. I chose Cochlear and the Kanso device. I was implanted with the CI622 that is part of Cochlear's new Profile Plus series which I believe came to market late in 2019.

Yesterday I went for my activation and unfortunately we could not get the Kanso to work because the magnet would not attach onto my skull with it's strongest magnet strength (4). My audiologist believes there are a few possibilities causing this:

1 - I have thick hair and at the moment it is very short and fuzzy spiking outward. My audi mentioned this could be impeding the magnet from attaching to my skull.
2- It is only two weeks after surgery so perhaps there is still swelling which needs to improve. I was supposed to be activated 3 weeks after surgery (next week), but due to the coronavirus pandemic they pushed me up to 2 weeks fearing their offices may shut down and id have to wait a long while for activation.

We tried the Nucleus 7 processor and that was able to attach to my skull. My audi mentioned the N7 has the ability to use a stronger magnet (5) than the Kanso. You cannot use a 5 magnet strength with the Kanso.

Thus, the short term solution is to use the N7 and ill continue testing the Kanso as i grow my hair out. My concern is that even after i grow out my hair the Kanso will still not attach. My audi in not so many words mentioned to me that with the new Profile Plus device Cochlear was so focused on making the device MRI compliant that they may have sacrificed some of the magnet strength. My audi also mentioned to me that other Kanso users with the profile plus implant are having similar issues as me.

This is a concern because I do not want to use the n7 long term. I want to use the Kanso. I love the simplicity and aesthetics of it and after wearing hearing aids for nearly 20 years i no longer want anything on my ears. If the Kanso still doesnt attach after i grow out my hair then it appears i will be at the mercy of waiting for Cochlear to either make a stronger magnet or releasing an updated version of the Kanso (Kanso 2?) and who knows how long that can be.

The purpose of this post was to ask if there are any members here who have been recently implanted with Cochclear's new Profile Plus series and if you are having similar issues with the Kanso.

Thank you in advance



I could not use the Kanso also because of my thick head... :)
Went to N7 and never looked back. It has rechargeable batteries, which is a plus!
I let my hair grow a little longer and most people don't notice it. (matches color).
Enjoy the journey!
P.S. I started with a 5 magnet and have since gown down to 4.