Cochlear Implants in noisy bars and nightclubs

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*thumbs up* Cool! You do your business, and we will do ours, hoichi. You are the one of the likes who actually make many other deaf peoples look bad. *clap clap clap*


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leviathan54, all implants will get the job done. You will hear, period. It's just a matter of looking at each brand and figuring out what bonus features you'd like to take advantage of. I don't know too much about Cochlear's or MedEl's programmings for noisy situations. I think Cochlear has SMART or something of that sort, where it automatically adjusts to particular settings? Like I said, I don't know much. My experience is with AB. Noisy situations are going to be difficult to deal with. Some people can hear great in noise with their CI's, others can't. It'll depend on the programmings and tweaks made. The nice thing with CI is, if a certain program just isn't doing you any good, you can go back to the audiologist and get a whole new program or adjustments and try that out. There are different options for the programmings, different levels, etc. It's a lot of experimenting with certain adjustments to find what works best for you, same with a hearing aid but more extensive.

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cdmeggers, that's true. And, I will look into the sound strategy software if anyone want for as a reference in listening in noisy environment. And, again I agree 100% on mapping tweaking, it do make a difference once you become familiar with how it does sound, so you can tune the loudness and clarity better. Patience and communication with the audiologist is also very important.

Edit: I found several CI softwares that function the same as AB ClearVoice - Triformance software for MedEl Maestro CI solutions (Rondo or Sonnet sound processors), and Cochlear SmartSound IQ for the Nucleus 6 CI solutions.

They should function the same but it all boils down to the electrode channel mapping and sound processing software (Continuous Interleaved Sampling being an example, and is ancient however many more advanced sound strategy softwares are still based on CIS).


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Well I just got insurance approval for my N6 upgrades. Currently on Freedom. I would love nothing more than to be able to understand speakers in a noisy environment. Once I get them and time using them, I'll let you all know if any improvement

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Hi All

I'm in the process of getting a cochlear implant. Not sure which brand i will be getting just yet but doing heaps of research..

I'm aware that cochlear implants are not so great in noisy environment correct?

Perhaps those with experience can enlighten me?

What can expect in each of the following environments - with and without an assistive listening device
1. Restaurants with lots of talking going around and no music background
2. Restaurant with talking and music
3. Bars
4. Nightclub/discotheque
I’ve got an AB processor with the blue tooth and roger remote microphone. In some situ it does help but not for long conversations. The newest AB Marvel processor has built in BT. The other cool thing about this system is that if you are unilateral with a hearing aid in the other ear if you get a Phonak it will stream the BT as well.