Cochlear Implant Pain That Isn't Normal..?


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Last year, I received my first cochlear implant in my left. After I had put it on I experienced intense vertigo where I couldn't even lift my head. Though the vertigo has become more tame and endurable, I am off balance and get dizzy randomly- Its been a long while since I got the implant, and after wearing it for awhile I get pain in my throat and where the magnet is located. My audiologists have no idea what to do and the implant is very helpful, I can hear so well with it. Taking it off because the throbbing pain becomes unbearable is difficult... Is this normal? I don't think so- its hard to focus in school when it hurts.. However usually it takes wearing it for 2 days for the pain to start- and my audiologists want me to get a 2nd one...


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magnet strength too strong? That is the only thing I can think of, though I'm not sure if that would explain the throat pain.


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I agree that the magnet could be too strong. I also suggest you contact your surgeon about this in case there's another cause.