Closed Captioning - Need advise, please


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Until February 2021, I received my television programming directly via Comcast cable (no cable boxes involved). It's important to note that my television sets are all the old-fashioned CRT variety. Close captioning has never been a problem.

This year Comcast upgraded our area to digital, & we were forced to use cable boxes. At the same time I decided to upgrade one of my TVs to the "smart" style.

I became aware of the issues involving CC when I tried to set it up on the new TV, and was unable to do so. Researching online, I found that "if you use a cable or satellite set up box, this decoding is done by the box."

Herein lies the problem: the closed captioning 'generated' by my cable box is barely large enough to read, even though I have it set at 'large'. It is, therefore, useless. I have already contacted Comcast about this issue, but if past experience is any indication, I am not hopeful about resolution.

Closed-captioning is imperative for me, so I do have an important question. With my old TV's (The CRT's), it would seem I'm able to somehow 'override' the cable box, & to adjust the closed captioning through the TV. Is it possible that this would be true simply because they are CRTs? Are ANY of the new TVs ("smart" or not) capable of decoding on their own, even with the presence of the cable box? It seems ludicrous to me that the newer sets give you so many options for closed-captioning (font, style, size, etc.) and then leave it up to the discretion of the cable box to decode!

Thanks so much for any thoughts or suggestions. I need to replace at least ONE of my old sets soon, but am really concerned about the CC issue.


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I have Comcast and a smart web tv I also up until last year had a led tv that was not smart and did everything through the box. I have been through the CC adventure. Two questions as to your Comcast (now xfinity) boxes. What is your main one? And the other tv you have is it a side smaller box or similar to your large one? Once I know that I can back track.
However there is on your Comcast remote a settings under that there is closed captions and on that there is a size selection.
Also on your new tv and the Comcast box there is a screen size selection. This does change the resolution of the closed caption.
I if none of these suggestions work (and it didn’t with CS over the phone) I did also have a tech come out he pressed the remote in a weird configuration to get into the secret cow lvl (cable techs over ride) to get into the closed caption and for one of my TVs it made the CC larger.
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