Ci bluetooth?


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Going to get implant soon when I get the ok from the insurance. Can this device to use bluetooth instead of wire to the head with the magnet? Like a round thing that clip to clothes that bluetooth. Just a ideas.


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If you mean a processor attached to the head rather than hanging on your ear, Cochlear, and I believe Med-El, have those. Advanced Bionics(AB) does not because they believe it's important to have the mics near your ear so as to hear more like a hearing person. AB has a t-mic that hangs from the ear hook into the area in front of your ear.


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all of them have a piece of hardware with a magnet that links to the implant whether they have a separate sound processor with a cord or an integrated sound processor in the magnet housing. the implant has no power source within it so Bluetooth is part of thee sound processor. AB has a Naida clip that will work with a bluetooth phone.