Childhood memories


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I wanted to post a topic with pictures of items from when you were young. I will start...

Clacker balls


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Cute. I wonder why she named him Gary?

My father had always said his first son would be (pardon any spelling errors, it's German) Gerhardt Heinrich. My mother inwardly cringed and said no kid of mine will be saddled with that name. Dad made a mistake and gave Mom this bear for their first Christmas while she was pregnant with oldest brother and as she opened the box, she exclaimed, "Gerhardt!!" Therefore, he is my oldest brother and we nicknamed him Gary Bear. That's why I joke that I have 3 brothers and one of them is only 3 feet tall and covered in fur and Mom did not give birth to him. He is 53.


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sparklers... july 4th use to be my favorite time of the year... because then I could be just like everyone else... no one cared if I couldn't hear them... there were too many pretty lights.