Cereall boxes


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Interesting. I remember seeing commercials for a few of those cereals but I never bought or ate any of them.

Thanks for the warning but no flashbacks for me. :giggle:


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I remember Mud & Bugs! I used to beg my mom to buy it but she said it she might as well give me a bowl of M&Ms with milk because those cereals were like eating candy for breakfast. :evil:<---Mom

Hey Grummer, you bored and googling cereal? :laugh2::laugh2:


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The only one I remember eating was Team. I recall a few others from seeing ads. Note that almost all of them were using a recent movie's popularity to increase consumer recognition. That usually guarantees a short life span.


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I just barely recognized one or two. My mother wouldn't buy commercial cereal, if we wanted it, we had to buy it ourselves. She bought oatmeal and generic cheerios, or we ate eggs and biscuits (from scratch).
I also didn't have television until I was 7 or so, and then we never had cable, so not much commercial watching.

It means I always lose at quiz type games with pop culture questions.


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Mr. T cereal? LOL



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Mr. T cereal? LOL

it was ok. personally I needed more of a sugar rush though.

when I was visiting my family in CA, my young female cousins demanded Rainbow Bright cereal be bought. remember trying that too. :o

OJ's cereal sucked...

when I go to movies, smuggle in cereal instead of buying popcorn. :P


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we no had them in uk,and looking what in them i see why. i see why they stop doing them they look awful eating them in morning


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banana frosted flakes sounds kinda gross.. but now I want some regular frosted flakes!

didn't care for the oreo o's. Think I had the Mud & Bugs, remember the Sprinkle Spangles, really liked the Hidden Treasure.. hmmm


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Never had any of them and also never gave any to my kids. No flashbacks for myself. Also, don't remember seeing any of the commercials.


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I remember a lot of those, especially C3POs and the Nintendo Cereal System.

We never had that variant of the TMNT stuff (with the chex and marshmallows), instead we had these really dry, unpleasant green-coloured turtle head shapes. It wasn't very good.