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Over the years when you was watching TV and sometime you saw CC delayed, or missing captions or no captions at all and the biggest enemy is caption showing "TEST TEST TEST" and THAT drive me crazy. You know how difficult to pin point where the CC problem coming from? You know it can be coming from TV or from individual TV stations, or dirty cable outside or bad fiber optic box and many more... and I have been troubleshooting once a while and I still can't figure it out. I thought the main culprit is coming from the TV (8 years old?)….. but I see it the same as all other TVs in our house?? I thought captioning systems never improved, or whatever... I'm just being rambling and filled with frustrations.....THEN.....

One day and some how I decided to upgrade from my old Verizon FIOS Motorola DVR box to new FIOS One (with built in voice activate commands) because I have so many issues with playback and DVR. Last weekend I finally got new FIOS One (master DVR box) and two FIOS One Mini for other two TVs. I replace it and start watching as we normally do. Few days later, I just realized something....I look closer attention to the captioning systems..... behold! On CNN magnifically IMPROVED!!! All other captioning moving fast and real smooth!! I mean it's a big improvement!!! Gosh, it's not coming from bad Fiber Optic box, or lines or TV or stations!! It's all coming from the Master DVR BOX!!! The other two TVs improved as well!! Finally!! Problem solved!!

So, I don't know if that new box have improved processor or improved HDMI system or whatever... So, for those who own Verizon old Motorola Verizon Box and have many issues with CC, you might want to consider to upgrade to new FIOS One, I mean it really improved. You know I can't guarantee that it will fix it all the problems. The whole point is that I never ever think the box was the problem. jeesh… for hearing people, they don't have to worry about CC, For us deafies, CC is our life line!! LOL

Anyway...Just that I'm happy now and I can read comfortably.... no more missing sentences or incomplete sentence!
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I am a senior citizen using closed captions. Yes, enlarging the closed captions in a digital system is helpful. Of course, there is no way to enlarge embedded captions in a video partially in a foreign language. (But why do they make those captions so small?) And trying to read the screen containing a phone with texts, written correspondence, etc, is nearly impossible. Our growing population of baby boomers with often fading hearing AND eyesight could/should add our voices to the concerns of the deaf community re: closed captioning font sizes/readability. We are seemingly an untapped market. Wonder if AARP has enough clout to help with this?


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I setup an older tv's in a room upstairs. It didn't have a remote but usually you can get to the menu to switch on the captions using the button. Nope not this one. With a new universal remote, was able to switch them on. Now they show but on just one channel it is all garbage. Frustrating cuz of course this is the channel with shows I like to watch. :mad2: