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Jul 21, 2018
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Oh, dear. Your situation sounds complicated. I am very much familiar with Utah and there are so many problems about Utah. Utah is not a D/d/HH and disabled friendly community. I will never live there. No. Way. If anyone pays me a million dollar to live there, Nope! I am sure you have heard lots of bad jokes about Utah. People and Non Utah native Mormons outside of Utah like to use an offensive term for Utah- "Utard". Drivers are horrible, too. I have friends and relatives over there. I always have to fight for disabled community's rights to be recognized there and have to educate them, but all they told me is that I am not allowed to criticize even it is the truth. I have a HH friend there who is an attorney fighting for Deaf rights. Attorney is not popular there because he had filed lawsuits that no one else will do it, but at least he is doing the right thing to fight for Deaf community. About two years ago, attorney's Deaf client who sued the trucking company in Utah for discrimination, because they did not provide him interpreter for interview except told him to use Deaf client's daughter instead. The court agreed with Deaf client, but awarded him one dollar. One dollar?! What a joke. It was a big slap in the face.

Is there any way you could convince your sister to move you back to CA or NV where your needs are met?
I'll tell ya, it was a HUGE shock for me coming to Utah. In my wanderings (all up the west coast/South West side) I only came up against one other state that was far worse and that was Nevada (you would think that state was more liberal). When I lived there (in 2014) I could not find any support. The Deaf community/Center would tell me I needed to contact the Blind center and visa versa. That was extremely frustrating. They had no support, understanding and/or care for the deaf-blind (even the Deaf or/and Blind community's) . In till finally I was able to find a very small group of Deaf-Blind who were fighting to be included into the Deaf and Blind community (I think it;s better now in Reno) . Now I feel we're all going backwards with continual cuts to support.
I'm now in the process of trying to figure out moving. My Sister hates Utah as well. So hopefully I won't have to put up with this States unbelievable stupidity (mostly control by the Mormon church) much longer. I so much want to go back to Ca. but It's so expensive there, In some parts (where I grew up) it's insanely so.
Do you still live in Ca? If I may ask, what is your declining hearing due to? You sound very knowledgeable, are you a deaf advocate or work with the deaf community?


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Jun 3, 2007
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Yeah, NV is just a bad state due to corruption. I remember a hearing professor who taught ASL classes at a college. She tried to live in Reno and worked with troubled kids at the center. She said her job was the worst nightmare ever and had to quit job and moved back. She just won't talk about it and that was about almost 20 years ago, I think. I heard New Mexico is probably the worst state ever in the country.

I don't recommend Vegas, but Reno is ok because it has connections to the small deaf community. CA expats moved to Reno for affordable housing from Bay Area, Sac, and San Jose, and will change Reno pretty much in next couple of years. I used to go to Reno for speech therapy from a tiny CA town when I was very young. I always like Carson City because it is close to Lake Tahoe. Grew up going there all the time for swimming, hiking, everything. Love it there.

CA has always been expensive for years. Move away from coast if possible if you're interested in relocation there. I am not a fan of Central Valley and Stockton. I don't live in CA anymore, but I still visit there. I currently live in Texas. I was born profoundly deaf due to ototoxic drug and ear infections. My left ear remains the same since I was born. My right ear is declining gradually- scar tissues from severe ear infections. I am involved with the d/Deaf community as a Deaf advocate. I am a mother now, and having a kid keeps me busy, but I try to help out as much as possible- you know spread the awareness. I do have a deaf-blind friend from college in Southern CA. Her eye sighting is so bad now that she had to study braille for a few years. She needed that skill in particular to attend college for social work or psychology. She wants to help out with deaf-blind people. It's been a short while since I talked to her. She is also a mother to a son. She is very busy and it makes harder for us to keep in contact at long distance. She has health and personal issues to deal with, so I have to keep contacting her to see how she is doing. Good luck with your moving.