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Hello! My name is Hope and I am a deaf theatre artist. I am currently involved in the production of a new musical that will be opening in March of 2020 and I am working on making it accessible to all of our audience members. I am currently trying to figure out how to make captions available during the performances. The venue we will be performing in does not have anywhere to display captions so I was thinking of finding a way to make closed captioning available through a smartphone app or something similar. Does anyone have any ideas about how I could do this or any other ideas about accessibility in general? What would make you feel comfortable and included at the theatre? I would really appreciate any input you have as it is our goal to make our show accessible for everyone! Thanks!


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So you saying that there's no place to hang the large format TV screen? As example below and you can hire Captel Service Specialists llc that will give live captioning.