Can hearing aid damage hearing ?


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I had the same question when I was recommended to wear hearing aids. I asked a doctor at the hearing aids staten island clinic. He told me that though it may seem that increasing sound levels by wearing hearing devices can be damaging to your ears (we've all been warned about turning our music up too loud), properly programmed hearing aids will not, themselves, damage your hearing. But it has to be noted, there might be side effects like tinnitus, headaches, soreness around the ears, skin irritations, itchy ear canals, etc. It is individual, I guess.


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When you spend a day at NSSA live fire artillery in Winchester using Civil War technology your bell will be rung a while. Hearing aids or not. I usually had mine turned off. A 10 pound rifle firing is enough to knock you around a little bit.

What usually got me is the CAT Jacobs braking in the mountains. Takes me hours to quit hearing them in the sleep. When they are operating at full power downgrade holding back tonnage the valves are like small bells all the way down. After my first year I dont hear them anymore unless they developed low oil pressure or a electrical fault.