Can *all* deaf people read and write?


all of us are genius in unique way.

all of us are unique Einstein in each subjects that we're knack of.

that's just not true.

everyone has their talents, but the great minds of the world are really something like 1 in 100,000,000. let's look at the average Trailer Trash Obese Woman. she lives on welfare and eats fast food 25 times a week. what is she the Einstein of? Days of Our Lives? i don't think knowing a lot of soap opera trivia, or being the best at wiping your ass, or being the fastest eater in your state are really things to write home about.


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Can all deaf people read & write!, bit of an odd question & almost insulting to some as basic education or the lack of it, has no connection to deafness in my opinion.

However in saying that, I never learnt to read & write till I was in my early 20's, I never actually went to school & had very little education, many years I struggled with work avoiding any kind of forms & paperwork, mainly passing it on to work friends & family to deal with, I managed around 3 years without the basic reading & writing ability, amazing I know.

Wasn't till I started working for a building firm that paperwork really came into play which for me was unavoidable, tooling lists, written work orders for the day which were given to me on my first day, I really panicked I just couldn't understand any of it & not having anyone there to help me, really made me realize how stupid I was.

So I admitted to the foreman I couldn't read & write, needless to say I was dismissed on the spot, boy that really hurt to go home knowing I'd made a complete fool of myself in front of that work team.

But that totally turned it around for me, I was just kidding myself to think I could get through life without that education, so I started studying in my local library & the help of my sister who was my saviour who took time off her own work to help & support me.

So the question posed on this thread is pretty much redundant, Deafness bares no relation to education.