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Hi, All
We are a student team from the School of Information at University of Michigan, studying human-computer interaction. We are designing a tool for people with hearing impairment to sense and create music. Our current idea is centered around music visualization and vibrations.

Currently, our team is looking for people with hearing impairment for user research.

We are interested in learning more about hearing-impaired people's cognition of music and their daily experience with musical activities. For more information, you can find our initial design ideas below.

Please let us know if you have related resources to help or if you have connections with our target users who are willing to share with us.

Yujin Gu
Music in Mind Design Team
School of Information
University of Michigan

---------------------------------------Initial Design Idea Summary----------------------------------
While music plays a crucial role in a person’s development, it is almost impossible for people with hearing impairment to understand sounds by hearing. However, plenty of studies have shown that deaf people also appreciate music and they can perceive vibration by the part of the brain that other people use for hearing. Some deaf people enjoy concerts and perceive the music by vibration and the performance of musicians.

These studies stimulate our interest in designing a tool to help people with hearing handicap sensing and even creating music through information visualization.

In the following mockup, We use different colors to represent tones (image below shows a stave of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with all tones represented by corresponding colors). Also, we use a rotating ring to represent the dynamic model of playing music. With this tool, people can drag different tones (colors) onto the ring and arrange them by some patterns.






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Looks fascinating.
Has anyone tried this?
Yeah, passing the buck.
Thanks Beowulf,
Are you interested in an 45-60 mins interview to share your experience and opinion regarding our design?
Our team is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But we can do the interview online if you don't mind.
If you are interested please contact us through email:

Thank you so much!
Feel free to spread this information out !

Yujin, and Music in Mind Design Team