Britain Duchess Kate of Cambridge is in labor


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Prince George: George Alexander Louis
Prince William: William Arthur Philip Louis
Prince Harry: Henry Charles Albert David[
Prince Charles: Charles Philip Arthur George

So George and Charlotte have shorter names than their dad, uncle and grandfather.


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Agree with you. I dislike too long name.

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who cares. it's just a formality. long name is typical for royalty family. it includes family names.

you don't address them by their full names anyway. if you think that's a long name... wait till you meet a hispanic person.


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You'd imagine how Diana changed the Monarchy in the Royal Family both in life and death. It would be nice to see her tradition continues in the Royal Family duties.

One of the article I saw on TV that the baby is "The New People's Princess"

Diana was a good friend of the Deaf. She knew BSL, and it is not widely known but deafies were given honored first row seating at her funurel,


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Why did they pick new 3-name? What s her called name? Charlotte?

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Charlotte is named after her grandfather and grandmother, Prince Charles and Diana and even great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Either George or Charlotte one day will have a daughter, she will be named Diana Elizabeth Victoria... only when Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and/or even Camilla die. William will be a king one day.. mark my word and watch.


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I am certain William will be King after Queen Elizabeth (and Charles too) (something would have to happen to him first in order to not be King.) Next would be George, William's son, and then Charlotte. All before Harry. I don't think I will see another Queen again in my lifetime since by the time Charlotte would step in, I think that is too many years past me. :)