Born deaf in 1 ear


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As a child I was made to feel dumb or stupid and even bullied because I couldn't hear the teacher in class. I was raised in a hearing house but not always able to hear what was going on around me. Now that I am in my 40's, I've recently received a pair of Cross B hearing aids. They have totally changed my life. I can actually hear conversations at restaurants and even join in now. My kids no longer have to ask which ear I can hear in because I can hear with both now. I just wish this was available sooner.

I know one day I will be totally deaf so I'm trying to teach myself to sign. If anyone has any suggestions for a site to learn from, please share. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me! Bye


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Welcome :wave:

I am not sure where you are in Arkansas but the Arkansas School for the Deaf offers ASL classes. Lifeprint is good but where possible learning live is best.


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Welcome to alldeaf. It's too bad you didn't get cross aids years ago, they probably would of made a huge difference. I'm glad you finally found them and they are working so well for you.