Bone conduction headphone


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Anyone has been use bone conduction headphone?
I'm interested with aftershokz trekz titanium..
I wear hearing aids user..
I was severe hearing loss both my ears..
I want hear a sound music, movie, gaming, and sports..
Can i listening a sound with aftershokz trekz titanium without hearing aids?
I wanna buy these just i'm afraid i can't listening without hearing aids for reasons saving battery hearing aids..

Just that thank you everyone


Is any of your loss conductive? If not, you'll have a really hard time with these. Real reviews say they vibrate painfully hard when loud, others can hear your music loudly and that they don't fit onto the bones properly. I decided not to get them and instead bought a bone conductor hearing aid headband from an old body worn FM. Will see how it goes when I get it. I can get my loss down to 35dB with bone conduction. That's practically hearing.