Bombing in Jerusalem injures 30

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Jerusalem blast leaves dozens injured -

A loud explosion shook a busy street in Jerusalem on Wednesday, wounding nearly 30 people, authorities said.

There were no immediate reports of deaths in the first bombing of its kind in Jerusalem since 2004, but several people were critically injured, authorities said.

Mayor Nir Barkat condemned the "cowardly terrorist attack" in which "innocent people were hurt."

The blast took place in "a very crowded area" with "a lot of civilians and two buses," said Yonatan Yagadovsky, a spokesman for Israel's emergency services.
Injured rushed to Jerusalem ambulances

"Three to four are in critical condition. The rest of the casualties are moderately to lightly injured," he said. The injuries came from both the force of the blast itself and from flying shrapnel, he said.

The wounded included two pregnant women, he said.

Put a damper on my morning mood. :(
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