Bluetooth issues with iphone (can't pair both devices at same time)


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I wear both a cochlear implant on the Left and and a Resound HA on the Right. I woke this morning to find that my Resound hearing aid was no longer connecting to my iphone. I was previously using BT connectivity to both my cochlear on the Left and Resound HA on the right without any issues.

I go to: General settings -> accessibility -> MFi Hearing Devices to attempt to re-establish my link.

However, when I attempted to reconnect Resound HA to iphone the option to select device to pair never comes up (it only shows the cochlear L). I tried doing the "forget this device" option for the cochlear and following this both hearing devices will show up with the option to pair a device and I was able to pair to each individually so I know that both devices are still capable of pairing. However, the problem is I can no longer pair to both at the same time any longer.

There were no updates to the phone overnight or any other changes. I have spent over two hours today trying to re-establish normalcy and have tried turn off/on, reboot iphone etc without success. I'm a little frustrated as I need both sides to understand people on the phone. Any suggestions? What's next?


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I have a ReSound HA as well, and paired to my iPhone. My Audi did this for me - from her computer. I’ve never lost the connection in 3 years, so I’ve never needed to re-pair mine. Text your Audi.


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BT problems can depend on the phone. i've found that i have to restart the phone (laptops also)-has to do with the device storing data for the link and running out of space allocated for that. BT is tied to the wifi chip. I don't think this prob is specific to your resound, but the device you are connecting to.