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My name is Jeffrey Vrachan. I am an Engineer that is working on a project to assist the hearing impaired in the enjoyment of music. The project is to design a device that will allow a hearing impaired person to receive enhanced musical vibratory input. My research would be greatly enhanced by participation from this community. I am not hearing impaired myself so your participation is essential to the success of this project. Any feedback is appreciated.

When you are experiencing music through vibration, what parts of the body feel it the best. Does the chest give the best feeling, or is it the legs or hands?
Are you sensitive to different frequencies in different parts of the body?
Also, would you be interested in having a device that enhances your musical reception?

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or inquire about my research.

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Many deaf people already enjoy music in other ways. I don't think this is a profitable market unless you come up with something that is very different in this field. You could ask the companies below to see if they made a lot of profits. I am open to trying the product in the second link because it looks comfortable. It is very expensive. I wish there is a cheaper version. I don't mind selling this type of products as an affiliate partner only if the quality is good. I would love to know how well this company fares in the marketing world. The chest is the best place to feel the vibration. I want the flexibility to put it anywhere on my body.

Hit me up if you want me to be your guinea pig. Warning: I will be brutally honest with you!




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I tried a device from this company (i cant mention here as they are still in beta).. I dont know if it ever got out of beta but it was pretty cool to test out and bring to concerts. You can him me off list for more info...