Behind a frozen waterfall...


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How do you get back to the other side now that the picture has been taken.

There is a path that leads behind the falls. This is Minnehaha Falls in the twin cities. Every winter it freezes like this. Climbing up the small path to go behind the waterfall is kind of dangerous, and there are signs that say not to do it, but people go anyway.

If the light is right, the frozen waterfall becomes rainbow colored. Very beautiful and peaceful. :)


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I found a photo I took with the rainbow coloring. You can't see the rainbow as well on camera, but this gives an idea how it looks... It is much more breathtaking in reality though.


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I always wanted to go behind a waterfall in the summer when it was warm and good for a swim and sit there.... I don't like cold, so that frozen death trap is not appealing for me to sit behind.... though it is beautiful. :D