Before and after Activation


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Hello All, I am new to the site and have some questions I thought you might be able to help with.
I just got implanted 11/10/15 and my activation date is scheduled for 11/30. Since the surgery my ear has felt like it is plugged. I had some low frequency residual hearing before the surgery that is completely gone now. I am wondering if the residual hearing will come back and also if the feeling that the ear is plugged will go away once it is activated?


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As I understand what was mentioned re: any residual hearing would be" eliminated" in the operation. This was discussed prior to the operation.

One can't go back to whatever one had. That to me was there is no going back.

As for your ear being plugged-check with the surgeon forthwith.

aside: I don't recall this happening in my operation.

Hope all turns out well and you can adjust to the Cochlear Implant.


It is not likely that the residual hearing will come back, but you might get some. The plugged feeling is most likely some fluid/blood from the surgery and that will eventually go away. When that does go away, you might get a little of that residual hearing back, but I wouldn't count on that. Your activation is pretty quick after your surgery so you will still probably have some swelling and such so you might not lose that plugged feeling at activation but should within a few weeks.