Jan 8, 2020
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If you are single and searching for a soul mate, be careful. many people are going to lie straight in your face how they love you❤️, how they will never hurt you like how other people did, how they will never leave you or get tired of you, how they wanna spend the rest of their life with you, and how you are so different from all the ones they have ever had.

And you will end up getting blinded and do the same mistakes of trusting them so much and giving them your whole heart. Get me right here, I’m not saying that everyone is like that because some people are real and they have true love, but be careful with the people you choose to date. People are people. Some will hide their true colours, show you a heart of Jesus just to steal your heart, use you and when their mission is done, they will dump you and simply walk away. They will call you babe, boo, swlieee and you feel great, Alas, they are like green snakes that come along hissing innocently yet hit you hard without even warning.

Don’t be so fast in trusting someone with your delicate and wounded heart. Take enough time to know someone, their intentions towards you and their goals in the relationship. The secret is dating your sweet Jesus first so that his holy spirit may guide you all the way throughout courtship.

Love with your heart but don’t leave all your senses behind and all the lessons learnt from past relationships. Be wise! Know what You deserve!


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Apr 5, 2004
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I do careful find nice boyfriend but i have bad relationships with my old boyfriend in 2015


Jan 8, 2020
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I do careful find nice boyfriend but i have bad relationships with my old boyfriend in 2015.
Yeah advice

This advice :

who is respectful, caring, with a good sense of humor.
It is important that she/he knows how to talk.
Cuz communication is the key to a strong relationship.
I think that if he/she will love job it is a big plus for someone cuz he /she like it when someone 's eyes shine.
He/she want you to smile more, and if someone is sad, not for long.

A woman and a man who is not afraid to show emotions, romantic, sensitive, loyal and faithful, someone who can have the sight to see the soul of another person and appreciate for who he /she is, someone who can make you feel loved and special..

If you do not give priority to physical appearance or economic status,
( he/she not the type of person who falls in love with vanity like others, who deeply care about a person with whom someone can connect on an intellectual and emotional level........Are you?)

I remember
My ex BF said " understanding, If woman should be devoted, romantic, spontaneous, caring, loving."

Despite the fact that he's a strong man,
He still looking for a woman in front of whom He want to show his weaknesses. Basically, he have them, just like any man.
He wouldn't really want control from a woman.

He think that all the same freedom in a relationship is important, if there is also trust.
He want woman to meet guests, set a delicious table with food, laugh from the heart.

I talked to the man if Some women and man are varying personality for loyal and faithful with special of someone..

Maybe one day when choose some one final from date with different a person few a months...

Who should not hurt and no jealous that they still understand let some one go to find a person the right.

No need to judge no need to blame a person.
Just better respect to person.

Man said exactly.. especially first communication for soft talk and positive and very more more hard deep personal.
Never lost hope .. nothing happen.

I said yes, just normal life.. well
Who want to find a person with whom they will have a complete understanding, with whom will be best friends and passionate lovers.

He asked me if I just smile and happy and comfortable and laugh with some friends that

I m hide a depressed but I was actually show funny and happy with some friends.,
They doesn't know , can't see me a secert about depressed??
I don't have to worry about relationship or marriage the future. Even I have one very important priority my goal.

I can do that fighting to priority strong faith don't lost hope.
I said what?? None of ur business..
But don't worry about me.
He wants me to be happy and comfortable.
We're still friend not back relationship anymore!!
Because we should understand and respect that is fine
I already move on and focus myself life is faith.

Important "Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners. So, this is what he expect from the future someone want person to encourage someone, to support and share care.

To appreciate mine, even little efforts, tho, he/she try to put bigger effort always and be the best for your partner "


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Oct 19, 2022
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I’m 31years old deaf woman and I’m single and will like to meet some honest for serious relationship anywhere in the state ,I’m whiling to relocate to anywhere to be with that special man