BD-Live (Blu Ray) on Playstation 3 support subtitles/captions?


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I brought Ps3 Slim in last Sept when it released on that month. I was so happy with ps3 and playing blu ray movies on my ps3. One thing I signed up to access BD-Live program that can streaming/downloading to available blu ray movies, not discs. To access that program will be required high speed internet. I am very concern before I start to download the movie because I am not sure if it does support subtitles or closed captions. I really like to know if BD-live does support subtitles on downloaded blu ray movies. it would be great information for deafies who might have Ps3 in their homes. I tried to find the information if it support subtitles or not? I can't find anything on internet so I hope some of you know the information or you can research for me if you want to. It would be very helpful to know the answer so I can buy blu ray movies on my PS3 instead of going to store to buy DVDS or rent the movies from stores. Hope to know the answer from you, guys! :)


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You don't download movies through BD-Live, they usually offer special features like making-of video clips and exclusive video clips, etc. However, I doubt they would offer subtitles on these.

On some BD-Live enabled discs, you can have a text-based conversation with people while watching the same movies together over the internet.