Bad News from Tweetybird


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AllDeaf Friends, Readers, Members:

TweetyBird has asked me to pass this on to you all -

Last night, her mother found out that she has uterus cancer - which would explain why she has been sick the last three months, with a high white blood cell count.

Her mother will be scheduled for surgery early next week to remove the cancer and to determine how much it has spread.

Right now, Tweetybird is devasted - she is taking a break from AllDeaf to be with her mother during this difficult time.

You can let her know - give her a lot of positive support, love and prayers.

I know - I've been down the road myself, having had uterus cancer seven years ago. It's not easy - and with friends and family that gave me a lot of loving support, I managed to beat the cancer.

We can help Tweetybird and her mother beat her cancer, too.

This thread will be made sticky for a while ~



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omg aww! that's not good! I hope her mother gets all of it removed during surgery! *BIG HUGS!*

My sister (who's only 25) has been battling breast cancer... it's tough when you have family members with cancer. :(


Thanks for letting us know, DreamDeaf. I've just tmailed my thoughts, prayers and love to her.


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Aw poor thing, I'll keep her mom and her family in my prayers...Thanks for letting us know :( ....


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Aww I'm so sorry to hear that she is sick with cancer, I hope the it will bless happen next week... ( I know not that very easy!) Love you sis. :)


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Aww I am sorry Tweetybird! I know we did talked last night but once again I wanted to say sorry. You have my support if you need me to talk.
A lot of hugs from all of us!


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I am so sorry to hear this sadden news. Tweetybird and her mother are in my thoughts and I will pray for them.


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I'll be thinking positive and make sure her mom is a great survivor and be there to see her wedding. *hugs*


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sorry to hear, hope tweety's mom would beat the cancer, support her all the way, and to be fightin'. Understanding, Tweety has to be there for her family.. Hate to see everyone go through rough time and, be strong..


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I'm sorry to hear abouut that.

Although I've never had anyone in my family suffer from cancer, I do have a few members suffering or suffered from Alzheimer's. The pain I go through is the fact they no longer know me and I feel helpless knowing that I am helping a "stranger" more than a "relative". :(