BabyCat 1996-2007


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If I seem a bit distant and zoned out - there's a good reason.

I recently had to have my beloved cat, BabyCat, put to sleep on Sunday, July 8, 2007.

He suffered an acute thrombosis (a blood clot in his heart) and it had stopped circulation to his hind legs and left him in a lot of pain. I had to tell the vet that I gave my authorization to my parents put him to sleep.

I have been in a fog ever since then - and I know it will take me a long time to get over him.
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:( I know it's hard sweetie :hug:, again I'm so so sorry to hear about Babycat, such a beauitful cat..


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Yes I saw him in real life and love him dearly when I stayed with you & MizzDeaf´s house. He is such big and handsome cat. He is bigger than Yorkshire Terrior. I took some pictures of him and will pick the photos from the shop tomorrow.

I was shock to learn sad news when we were in Cedar Point, Cleveland Ohio. It´s sad to see you took very badly... We comforted her. :( I know it´s very hard to lose beloved one like this after have him for a long time.

My deepest symapthy for you & MizzDeaf for the loss of your beloved ones. :( :hug:


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Aww Yea, I remembered it too well, that you were so down about your beloved cat, My sympathy goes out to you, DreamDeaf. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, because pets can be part of a big family as well. :hug:

Rest in peace babycat, You will be missed! :(


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I am sorry to hear the sad news the loss of your cat. Beautiful cat, its hard losing a pet. I understand hang in there.


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Beautiful pictures of him. :grouphug::hug:

I am so sorry for the loss of BabyCat hon. I wish there were magic words that we all could say to take away the pain of losing him. All I can do is tell you to remember the good times you shared with him, and to remember the love you had for him and him for you.

Also try to remember he is in a better place now, with no pain and no suffering.

Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family, take your time to grieve hon as that is very natural.


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DD, I am so sorry about a loss of your cat. He is beautiful looking cat. I know the feeling of loosing a furry member of a family as I have been through it before. Hang in there. :hug:


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:( Babycat is now in cat heaven.. perhaps got a new girlfriend now??? I'm so very sorry for your and MizzDeaf's loss. I can feel your pain. :hug: Its hard and will be harder when you get the box. Just take the time to grieve and understand he's no longer suffering anymore. :hug: tight! love you, hon.


Oh man I am so sorry!

I am so truely sorry to hear of ur loss... pls accept my sympathy to u... ur belove cat is now finally in peace with no pain any longer. I can undy that, dear... I have that simlar but my old one has bad arthithis in her legs and she has short legs and cute fat cat lol lover her to death... short body tho... sighs. I had her down for reason and took me abt a year or so to get over it... man it was so damn hard!

:hug: dear I am sure ur belove one know how u missed her but want u to be happy that she is no longer pain anymore... :)