Audiograms - can anyone help?


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Okay, as you all know, I'm pretty new to the Deaf world, and currently attempting to complete a four year ToD course. But....

I'm having huge problems understanding audiograms! Learning about how to read pure tone average and decide on degree of loss is confusing me no end!!

Can anyone PLEASE explain in layman's terms?!

Thank you!!

Manda xx


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Green427 - I have read most of those, but still kinda confused! But thank you so much for suggesting it! Trust me, at this point, every little helps!!! xx

Sarfafigirl2011 - You are so sweet! Thank you!! xx


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you're so welcome!!!!! for me, I'm pretty close to where Alicia is with the 2nd aids and moderate-severe with the hearing aids I'm currently wearing now :) I know, it's like a loop de loop roller coaster ROFL!!!!


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I never understand why people have a hard time understanding their audiograms considering your Audiologist explains it to you. I have had many tests with AT LEAST 3 different Audiologists, each of them have explained the audiogram to me, in depth and what each one meant and why things were the way they were. If I purchased (which I have) Hearing aids or I was thinking about it, you bet your ass I am going to be asking questions about why that test is the way it is and why I spent or was about to spend 6000.00. But like Alicia said, you should post it. Not sure you will since you havent been back though..