ATTN: Those who wants to do interviews/questions/surveys - Please read this FIRST.


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HI. my name is anne,21, im a student and taking up education major in special education here in philippines, im on my 2nd year. im working on my research paper and my topic is about understanding and learning about your culture. im starting to learn ASL. i choose this topic to help our deaf community here in my own little way. some deaf and special children or teenagers here are abused mentally specially physically (raped) for they cant speak for themselves and most of the people here dont understand them. i wish you could help me. i may ask some questions and i will aslo look for your old post for answers. thank you..


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Hello! Newbie here, but don't worry....NO INTERVIEWS OR SURVEYS FROM ME!!! :). MY name is Jonathan Marshall, and I am HOH and blessed with it because it is just an annoying hearing loss to where I cannot understand other when they are talking to me (which is even worse when they're facing AWAY FROM me!), so ever since I was a child I taught myself how to read lips--almost came as 2nd nature to me...LOL :)!

Anyway, I read Callisto's post about learning ASL and not living in the States here, here are some easy, user friendly, and free to very minimal cost to use (for one of them, and that is to order the CD) links for everyone to use, if they so desire:

1. (offers online 'classes' /tutoring by clickin on links; CD for sale by Professor (actual one from a Univeristy) for about $10...The money goes toward MORE PRODUCTION of the CD...great site! You can even print out the lesson(s) for free, but be prepared for using a lot (and I mean A LOT) of printer paper and ink!
2. self-teaching tutorial via videos.

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I ditto and absolutely agree (and relate to) what aprildawn said.

It would; however, be interesting to see some of those creative answers of Bottesini's. :)


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Hello Everyone,

I am not deaf but I'm writing a research paper about the deaf culture and community and how they feel about cochlear implantation. I need people's actual opinions to incorporate into my paper, so I'm asking for your help. Names will not be used, but please provide your age and where you're from.

I'm 21 and an undergraduate student. I'm a Speech Pathology and Audiology student. I took courses on Audiology and have learned about cochlear implantation, HAs and other devices.
I saw the documentary, Sound and Fury, which led me to my research paper topic. For the purpose of my topic, I'm interesting on finding out how the deaf culture and community feels about, specifically, cochlear implantation. I'm not hear to start debates or arguments between people. I welcome all responses.
Thank you.

Do you feel that cochlear implantation will eradicate the deaf culture?
Are you for or against cochlear implantation?
Please write your thoughts and anything else that you feel will help me.
I'm not really new here been here for awhile but I was rereading the first post and had a suggestion for the new users.

My suggestions is if you really want to interview a deaf person. Maybe check your with your state or province and see if they have a place for deaf people example. I go to the Canadian Hearing Society, in my province there are 28 local chapters. Check with your local chapter and see if you can set up a interview say something like....

Hello my name is ____ and I was wondering if I could interview someone for my ASL class. Is there anyone that you can suggest for me. I'm sure the person who answers the phone will be willing to see if anyone who works there give you an interview. Even if they need an interpreter while they speak with you. That is even better it lets you see how to really communicate with them and learn new signs.


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I have a hearing dog and I live in a condo , people drive real fast in our parking lot and the trustees will not put a sign to warn people to watch us for my dog and me. I am trying to get the city to put a sign up on my street,
instead and hope this will remind people to drive slow in our driveway! Does anyone know how I can speed this up! Does this post have spell check
I could not find it!
Contact your alderman, they are the ones to get the ball rolling !


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Hi! I registered just now for this purpose - to interview persons who have hearing aids. I appreciate this thread because it allows me read concerns and to pause to consider how to achieve my task while being respectful and thoughtful of this community that I'm basically asking a favor of. I am an audiology student with Utah State University (living in Texas) with an assignment to interview 3 people who wear hearing aids. I know one parent with a child who wears hearing aids, but no one else (I've asked). From a student prospective, I am a non traditional student with an active toddler who has been sick for a week. My preference is to sit and discuss my questions with individuals who wear hearing aids, however, I have a deadline and a sick toddler and well... again, I don't know anyone else who wears hearing aids. This site is listed on our USU facebook page as a great reference for students doing interview. So, I will search the threads to try and find the interview questions that I know have been asked before on this site. If I can't find anything, well I may start a new thread. I am genuinely interested in hearing disorders and have just started this journey onto my second career. Please, if you see my thread and chose to respond, I hope you will consider that. I am also open to any questions to me. Thanks and have a great day.


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I'm pretty sure that incoming ASL students know that those who are deaf like cats and cars with turbocharged engine. That should be good enough to satisfy their interview requirements.