ATTN: Those who wants to do interviews/questions/surveys - Please read this FIRST.


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Is any member of your family deaf?
No, I am the first one Deaf in my family..

Where you born deaf?
yes, My mom caught German measles when she was 2 months pregnant with me.

What does being deaf mean to you?
Deaf is a wonderful, Feel normal, not disappointed about it. Heard some hearing people said they wished to be Deaf and I don't blame them. :)

What do you prefer to use a TTY/ttd, relay operator, videophone or other? Why?
I prefer VP! It made communication more easier and save time. The interpreter can convey my emotional, my expression, my emphasize when necessary.

What are our educational backgrounds?
Finished HS, currently in College for Interpreter Major, I want to become CDI.. It's a fun job!

What school do you/did you go to?
Went to University Troy in Ala. Now I am transferring to different College..

Why do you prefer to use that particular method of communication?
Because this is our language, our originally ASL, We all remember George Verditz his famous quote, " We all must preservation in this language ASL." I'm with him!


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Haha, oops. I guess I just did that. But, I am still interested in the responses to my questions about music and its relationship to you. My homework will not be hindered by not getting your responses, but it could definitely be enhanced. Nevertheless, I am a hearing student of ASL 1 at the Community College of Rhode Island in Newport and am loving the class. I have been doing research for a paper and my chosen topic is Music and Dance in the Deaf Culture. I have been fortunate enough to get responses from Sean Forbes and his D-PAN associate Adrean. I am waiting to hear from dancers at the Gallaudet Dance Company. If you are interested in discussing this with me, cool. If not, I am sorry to have offended.

My name is Stephanie and I'm 32. I sail, read, write, do photography, and am fighting with my cat who insists on sitting on top of me while I type. Hope all's well with you.


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I just thought I'd maybe add a little more to this topic of interviews and surveys. I am an older student majoring in Communication Disorders with an emphasis in Audiology. I am online student for obvious reasons, I'm old and I'm late-deafened. Communication works better for me visually, as in ON-LINE.
It disturbs me to think that there are those who come on here to just get some quick answers to an assignment and have no interest in forming friendships or having dialogues about other areas of their life. I understand how that would annoy anyone.
I have been seeking someone to tutor me in ASL, to connect with for friendship and activities who share deafness as I do and looking high and low have found no one. I've been doing this over a year. I was lucky to find a deaf ASL instructor after 6 months of searching, but had to travel an hour and fifteen minutes away to meet with her.
So, forums like this one, of which I just found out about, might be the only way to go for me personally because of where I live.
I have a really great inteview that I need to do and I'm interested in it, not for the grade as much as for the information. It's a really interesting interview. I intoduced myself and I explained my reasons for being here. Friendship and connections with others in my shoes. I also did ask if anyone would be interested in being interviewed and it needed to be someone who works with HI children. However, I had not intent to force it on anyone by just posting the Interview for anyone to see. If someone had responded and said they would do it, I would have probably approached it in a private email.
I think there is no harm in the way I went about it and we are all mature people here who can make our own choices.
But, what I found was really strange is that no one responded to my Introduction and there were many intro's that came after me and all of them had responses. Mine had zero.
I can only conclude that it was because I mentioned the interview. Now that to me is even worse than the actual act of taking the liberty to post a survey. It just feels so judgmental and trivial.
Anyways, I expect after this I will be booted out of here.
Thank you for the opportunity anyways,


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Thanks, appreciate the message and completely respect that. I am sorry for any inconvenience. I would like to continue on this site and perhapes meet some great individuals. This seems like an amazing group of individuals. I appreciate the referrance towards the other sites but the assignment is all about getting to meet a person and having a one on one conversation, not research.
Thanks and have a Great Day!


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I post the questionnair in the deaf culture ( My questionnair is on that) if u can take a minute to look and asnwer that would be very much appraised.


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Thank you for the warm welcome. I am fasinated with the deaf culture and have decided to take an ASL class. I am in my second semester at Kirtland Community College. Thank you for posting what you did because I too might have found myself asking questions with lack of respect. Some of you might find me asking questions based on what you've posted though. I am not only on this site because of my class, I joined because I want to make friends. Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask me, or email me at


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For the record im here to make friends and learn. a good example is first off is i dont know how to naviagate this site....i dont know how to post blogs...or do anything and im not even sure how i figured out how i did love sigh language i think its a very beautiful...sean forbes is very inspirational....i have always wanted to learn but in order to learn i have to be able to use it... recentely i have new friends with whom i need asl to talk to. i have a lot to learn specially where being able to hear and having background noise as distractions while im signing. im not high tech at all so im having a hard time figuring out how to navigate this site. i plan on making friends and learning so much more.... :) i am here to stay i just dont know how to use this site

Pamela Adams

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Hi Jollie 77, my name is Pamela Adams, and I read your post, because it stood out, but after reading your post let me ask you this, How can anyone from outside of the deaf community get to know people? I feel kind of bad joining now because I am new and I do have some questions, but I never want to offend anyone. People that are taking classes to learn about the deaf culture and ASL are going to have questions, just as sure as people in this forum might have. It sound like this is not a very welcoming place.


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Hi Jollie 77, my name is Pamela Adams, and I read your post, because it stood out, but after reading your post let me ask you this, How can anyone from outside of the deaf community get to know people? I feel kind of bad joining now because I am new and I do have some questions, but I never want to offend anyone. People that are taking classes to learn about the deaf culture and ASL are going to have questions, just as sure as people in this forum might have. It sound like this is not a very welcoming place.

Are you a sign language students who wants people to do your homework by answering surveys they are supposed to go out in the community for?

If not and you just want to join threads and a question comes up to ask, you should have no problems.
Jolie, that's a great post and well explained. I can't help :laugh2: at Jiro and Society's child:laugh2:

Rio I just saw Society's Child in June. when we got our cable box with more channel and ON Demand stuff. It was a real good movie and it was sad. she was a normal healthy baby until one day she just started crying. I know its hard for any mother to have so many children and then have one with a disability.


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Hey guys,

I've just joined the forum, not as a deaf person, but a guy making a directory and mobile apps for a taxi booking. While working on the apps I learned that SMS/Text type of booking might be actually of a great help for deaf people. I'd be really glad to hear from people with hearing difficulties what I can improve for them to make apps and their experience better.

Is it legit then to have some space/questions on this forum? I definitely don't want to spam or do any advertisement. Please advise.


I would LOVE be able book taxi on text!!!


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I'm a little nervous that I might be seen as trying to take advantage. honestly I'm not. I think ASL is BEAUTIFUL and I want to make friends AND learn here. Yes, it WILL help me at work, but that's a good thing, right? I take care of people for a living and I truly feel if I can communicate better then I can give better care. I hope that's not seen as the wrong reason for joining.


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Why I am here....great post

I totally agree also...I am hearing, I have several reasons why i am here. I am here for friends, male or female - just friends. I'm here cause I have an obvious intrest in the Deaf community. I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about the Deaf and HOH world. and yes I am in school to be an interpreter. and yes I have assignments, my teacher is Deaf and she suggests video chatting as one of our interaction grades. So my intentions are all good. I dont have any questions, I have the internet and the library for that. I simply want to get involved. I know it sounds weird to say..." I want deaf friends"... That's like saying "I'm learning spanish and I want Latino friends. That sound kinda... I don't know. I can't help that I am attracted to ASL. I love to sign and learn new signs. I want to be an interpreter because I feel that I have an ability to help communication barriers between hearing and Deaf, if help is needed/wanted.. I'm so happy to be welcomed to alldeaf. I just wanted to clarify my presence. ;)

Really a great posting. There are so many ways that I interact with people, but mainly I am used to interacting online. I need to step outside of my comfort zone, Yes, but it seems that the only way to really get involved is to dive right in. So that's what I am trying to do!


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I am the only deaf in my family ,i was born at blackpool hospital vic , Deaf mean that i am deaf :) ,i went to mainstream school mixed with hearing and deaf .I went to St georges high school .I was willing to speak & listen and learn from there also i did not use signing


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What does being Deaf/hearing mean to you?

I liked coming up with creative answers to "What does being deaf mean to you?":wave:

That's like my being asked "What does being a "hearie" mean to you?...

My answer: That I have no trouble getting others to understand me in the mainstream world. However, communicating with people who primarily use ASL is some times difficult for me. Therefore, I am taking action to learn ASL, and learn about the culture of the Deaf/HoH community...

What kind of answer is that? What could one possibly glean from the honest answer? What could one glean from the answer to your posted question? Nothing. Which is why I would like to find ways to immerse myself in the two cultures (hearing, and Deaf). I have been blessed w/ a natural curiosity to learn all that I can about a given topic. The topic I have chosen is communication in all its forms.

I LOVE to talk and communicate w/ others. So, I've taken on the task of learning ASL...

Anyway, just wanted to say that I thought this was a great thread! I'm off to search the internet for info. on syntax and such in ASL.

Hope to get to know some of the folks on the forum,