ATTN: Those who wants to do interviews/questions/surveys - Please read this FIRST.


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Is any member of your family deaf? no I am only deaf

Where you born deaf? I wasn't born deaf I was deaf when a foster care made me deaf by poke a pen in my ear.

What does being deaf mean to you? nothing it just mean I can't hear

What do you prefer to use a TTY/ttd, relay operator, videophone or other? Why? I don't mind any of them as long I can communicate with others

What are our educational backgrounds? I am not raise in full deaf world but just mental illness world it sad for me I am not fully aware of deaf community

What school do you/did you go to? my first deaf school is Walden School TLC , it is mental illness program
second is Tampa Bay Academy wasn't my very good history third National Deaf Academy I am sure some of you had heard a lot bad thing about that program

Why do you prefer to use that particular method of communication? Why I prefer use ASL Cuz it lot easier and way easier to eat and chat with out open mouth gross.


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Hi everyone! I am actually on here for question on this ethnography I have but I am also in ASL 1 and truly love learning about the deaf culture and community! I am hearing but would love to get to know some of you!