AT&T VRS being discontinued

Official webpage here:

AT&T Relay Services | VRS Relay

News release from yesterday, November 23rd:


Dear AT&T Video Relay Service Customer,

We’re writing to let you know that AT&T is preparing to discontinue its Video Relay Service (VRS) on December 23, 2011, including the VL5 iPhone app and computer software downloads.

Importantly, as long as you choose another VRS provider and transfer your number by December 23, 2011, you can keep the same 10-digit number. Just contact a new provider of your choice directly and they’ll be able to help you. A list of providers can be found on the FCC website at TRS Providers |

After December 23, 2011, you will no longer be able to use your number to access VRS via AT&T.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about this change. Our support team is reachable by email ( or by calling 1-877-642-2877 (Video Phone).

Thank you for being an AT&T customer.