ASL Song Interpretation


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Hey. I am looking high and low to find how to interpret music, but can't find any sources on how. I was wondering if anyone could help me. Thank you.


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We sang various songs in MSD back in the 80's Mine was Glory of Love from Peter Cetera. Journey's Dont stop Beliving and others came out very well in sign language of the time. Its not difficult.

Combined with a Marshall Amp turned to 11 and plenty of power backing up to shake the building to get the music into the deaf to stay in time with the song sequence.

Churches use song in religion with the Deaf for years. Its good.


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Check Nico Dimarco's IG and Facebook. He is a Deaf DJ. Yes, he is related to Nyle Dimarco. They're fraternal twins.

If you are looking for interpreter to hire for a show, check the link-