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I'm a LDA and I'm learning ASL. I do online classes and also have a tutor who is an interpreter. I belong to a practice group, but I am the only member who has any degree of hearing loss. I need to practice with someone fluent, who can help keep me from signing like a hearie.

I am a beginner, but I study daily, and am very motivated because I need the language to communicate.

I'm figuring something like $20hr, on a weekly basis. Whether Deaf, HOH, CODA, or anyone whose primary language is ASL...please let me know if you'd be interested.


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There are several here that will be willing to help, I understand ASL better than I can sign it, I live in the hearing world, so if I try to simcom it comes out more PSE, Kory and that new guy from Tex. I believe born deaf, they'll jump in here soon :welcome: keep checking the sight, it may help you to read through late onset deafness under Our World Our culture:ily: