ASL going away like I predicted


Four years ago I asked members why continue to embrace a dying language like ASL? Most laughed and scoffed at me.
My question is how do you feel about ASL going away now and technology offering much better ways to communicate than having to learn a complex language skill? More importantly my circle of acquaintances has expanded thanks to technology. No one wants to take the time to learn ASL anymore....especially in my world.

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Two considerations, first your IT, your circle of acquaintances are probly IT, and for the in-between probly maybe so, but much better eh that's subjective, those bourn or deaf young I think not, those technically challenged ah? No, then there's reliable issues, what happens when you leave your bubble, I'll stop here for now :type:


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I know many HOH kids who are learning it as a second language. It's not dying. Technology has it's limits especially since at best HAs and CIs only get you up to HOH listening levels.


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Tech is great. But there is always something in between you and the other person. I am late deaf and decided to learn ASL. I can use tech and I can sign. When I sign with someone it is direct eye contact, facial expressions and body language which gives me a more intimate connection with that person. For me tech helps with people who do not know sign. It works but doesn’t give me that personal connection. I am happy tech works for you but why not have all the tools to communicate? It seems you are limiting your options to tech only. You do know you can still use tech and sign. It doesn’t have to be a choice between the two.