Ask me (JuLoVe) anything :)


hello, i wanted let you could ask me anything and i will try do best what i can with my answer...if you want to private ask me then email or im me anytime..have a great day..:)



To Bitymeowgal's questions,

what is ur fear?

my fear is about losing a friend, get accident in the car, someone could break up with me for no reason, fall from the ice during the winter and don't like to watch scary movies

like this alldeaf?
yeah, i do like alldeaf so i love it that seem so fun.

enjoyin it?
yep, i am enjoying it :)

what is ur favorite movies?
my favorite movies are hitch, the notebook, my big fat greek wedding, if only, just friends, my super ex girlfriends and the truth about love


To Redheadgrrl's questions,

Where in NY do u live in?
I live in upstate of ny which is near by albany ny...i kno where is your hometown that is takin about 4 hours away from here.

Did you go to Deaf school?
nope, i went to mainstream high school until i graduated.

Did you go to NTID or Gally?
yes, i went to ntid since 2005-2006 so i am breaking time from my educationn.


hello, to spicygirl143's question,


How long do you live in NY?

i live in ny for about 15 years..i used to live in michigan for three years before i moved to ny. :)