Argentina submarine missing with 44 onboard


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I hope they can locate the submarine and the crew are safe. :(

I've always like reading books or watching movies based on submarines.


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This is not good. :(

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - An Argentine submarine with 44 crew on board was missing in the South Atlantic two days after its last communication, prompting the navy to step up its search efforts late on Friday in difficult, stormy conditions....
I doubt this is going to turn out well. The youngest two submarines in the Argentinian navy are forty years old with several others being older than that. Surface ships can be used for many many years, but you don't see many submarines in service that are that old. I hope they find them and they are safe, but I don't have a good feeling of a happy ending.

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Oh no, not another one. God help them, that really is a scary situation indeed. If it is just assumed to be a communications issue, it still has propulsion capability on the surface. But they are difficult to find, hoping something serious did not occur resulting in sinking to the depths.