Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

Nita Thomas

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Very informative article....Do you ever feel embarrassed by your hearing loss? #hearingloss #HOH #audiology #aging
I haven't been embarrassed but I have been intimidated so I haven't tried for careers I could have done, just because I lacked the confidence that was needed since both were professions - nurses and medical assisting, seemed to rely on hearing abilities. I don't think my lip reading skills are up to par even though some people have thought so.


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Im in those situations a lot. I dont get embarrassed, more frustrated and sometimes indignant. I get tired of having to excuse or explain myself. I wish it were more visible to save me from wasted explanations, because no matter how much you explain yourself it vaporises into nothing and you are back to square one again. Wearing a device doesnt help as hearing people think you can hear just like them 'that why you wear them right?' Sign Language is your only friend here. At least when they see you signing they at least know you are Deaf.


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I do get embarrassed. I am good at pretending to hear what is being said or walking away from a conversation if i am not able to keep up. This annoys my partner but i have nothing to add to a conversation it is not worth my time standing listening (not able to keep up)
I also find people who dont understand that your deaf or Hoh try to raise there voice.
Or then you have the people who think its funny to whisper or over express words with there mouths and try treat you like a trained monkey.
I am thankful to be isolated. I do not trust people i do not know.
Even when people have to be told i make my husband tell them. I just find it so hard to express myself face to face with people

Moonlit Rosettes

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I’m new to my hearing loss (rather, new to accepting that I’m hoh), and, personally, I do get embarrassed. Mostly it happens when I’m around people I know who are used to thinking of me as having normal hearing, like my friends, family, and coworkers. Thank God my mom signs a little bit and my bf’s cousin is semi-fluent. They are my saving graces so I don’t feel left out at family functions. I’m still trying to really accept that my hearing impairment is a part of me and that there’s a wonderful culture and community that shares similar experiences with me that I can get involved in. It’s nice to feel like I’m not alone even if that community still seems a little out of reach.


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I often feel frustrated, sad, or isolated, but not embarrassed. One good friend decided it was too hard for her to continue our friendship due to her "issues" about not being heard in life. Well I have 'issues' with anyone who cannot visit a speech therapist a few times to learn to speak slowly and project their voice. They do not get it that only they have the power to change the situation. I guess I am angry too.

Evo Dragon

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Well, I'm hoh but, my deaf friends has been bullied by hearing troll kids were picking on them and making fun of them. I told them If you mess with my friends So, I can beat you up and Get fewking life! They shaked their heads and ran away as they thought I'm deafness person as they spoke me behind of my back. I turned around and I'm mean person.

Nita Thomas

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While I do use humor around family and friends, I find with unknowns I try to fit in so I pretend to follow conversations that I don't totally understand and I laugh with the group even tho I don't know what they laugh at. With my family and friends that isn't needed. So I guess I am a little intimidated by my deafness. The old "deaf and dumb" beliefs are so prevalent even today that it is sad. Sometimes I got singled out because I simply did not fit in with the rest and so as a child, the teachers would often overlook my abilities. School counselor thought I was too stupid for college and when I finally went, my math scores were much higher than average so they put me in a precalc class. That was a mistake on my part cause the teacher was purely auditory and not much visual. -- but I got my BA degree!


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Used to be embarrassed by it growing up but that stopped about 25 years ago.


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I do not think I am embarrassed by my hearing loss but because I can not lip read well or hear words correctly I get eye rolls or faces of disgust a lot and it irritates me


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No. I don't give a rat's ass what hearing-o's think. My recent episode was at my bank with a new teller. I let her know that I can't hear, she replied with; can you read or write? I gave her the death stare. The manager, whom I know well, overheard the situation and saved the day. Unfortunately that teller is no longer there.


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I used to get embarrassed when I was dealing with my SSD early on. Lately I've learned to laugh it off if I miss something or lose my place in a conversation. I've found being open about my situation helps me out tremendously as most people are willing to accommodate.