Approaching deaf guy...


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So I got new schedule for school because I hate my teacher. So going to my new class all the students were outside waiting for the teacher. When I notice a cute guy standing by the wall. So I decided to grow a pair and talk to him. But when I go over there to say hi and tell him my name. I got NO reaction! He didn't even look at me! So I just walk inside classroom with my head down embarrass(I'm shy). After I sat down and look up I caught him staring at me. And then he just turn his head and started signing. That's when I realize he deaf.

But I just let it go because I didn't want to get my hopes up. So weeks past, we don't talk. And if we do it's because of our mutual friend. And when he not there its just awkward. Because we just stare at each other till one of us look away. We basically do this everyday. Even my friend notice because they will say "He looking at you" or "Won't you go talk to him". But even If I decide to I don't know ASL. I google and found some stuff. But not enough to have a conversation. And he not great wih lip-reading wih me. I'm a pretty fast talker.

So I guess I'm asking for advice. I mean will this even work with him? I really like him and Want to get to know him. But i guess language barrier kinda stoping me. That and I'm shy and don't really want to make first move. :wave:

Kai Onca

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Nothing wrong with texting for ice breaker? Or emailing him just get his email address or give it to him and see how that goes?

Good luck!


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Yeah. Get a pen and paper and write down your email address or cell # for texting and give it to him.

I was lucky, in that I met my current BF online, so he was able to prepare me for our first face to face meeting. Everything went great, and we've been together five years now. (I'm a "hearie.")

Good luck! I hope it works out! At the very least, maybe you'll make a friend. :)

Jen M.


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Go old-school and pass him a note. Include your email or your text number. He will probably be thrilled! Even if it isn't a love connection, you could end up being good friends, which is nice. If the guy is a nice guy, he'll write back on paper, text, or email. Or friend him on Facebook. Get to know him first--just 'cause he's a cutie you probably should figure out you have SOMETHING more in common...even if it's just doing homework for your common class. (I teach high school, I know these things!)