Anyone understand the audiographs?


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Hi everyone
This is more curiosity then anything.
I was looking over my old hearing test graphs (sorry i don't know the correct names) and I was just wondering if anyone could explain them to me.
I have a left sided moderate hearing loss in low and high frequencies and a right sided moderate hearing loss in low and mild frequencies if that helps?
With hearing aids i hear 94% without the hearing aids i only hear 32%

Thank you for any input :)


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The technical name is an Audiogram. The data points are two different types of test. The y-axis is decibel loss, with 0 at the top and going up as you go down the left side. The x-axis is the frequency. For instance, in your right ear, you have some loss in the 50-60 dB level in the lower frequencies, as you mentioned in your post.