Anyone tired of being lonely?


Sep 23, 2015
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I am hearing and engaged to a Deaf man. We met on the dating site okcupid. I didn't know any sign language before I met him. I learned about ASL and Deaf culture from him and library books, then more at college classes later on. He changed my life. I am now studying to be an ASL interpreter.

He was previously in a 5 year relationship with a hearing woman who signed okay SEE, not fluently. He thought that was the best he could do, which is why he stayed with her, even though she was emotionally and psychologically abusive. He went to a mainstream school, so he felt the same social isolation and loneliness that you're describing.

But guess what? He realized he was in a bad relationship, broke up with that woman, and took time for himself. When he was ready a few months later, he tried dating again, at age 23. That's when he met me. We are now 26 years old and both have happy, fulfilling lives. You can have that, too!

My suggestion: figure out what you want. Try making new friends. Then maybe date: friends of friends, online dating, etc. It will be okay.


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Nov 21, 2021
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Yes I had been lonely for so MANY years but at the same time nothing much I could do about it. Life sucks but oh well.