Anyone like to watch????


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Anyone like to watch a movie that look similar as this

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I like the new 007 movies since Goldeneye in 1995 and Die Another Day that will be released on DVD on June 3rd was one of the best James Bond movies I've yet to see in the 21st century yet!

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Originally posted by MizzDeaf
LoVe those movies from Sean to Pierce BUT I did not have chance to watch new yet. Oops!

OO7 is BEST!
Yep Sean was the first James Bond actor ever in 007 history.


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I used to love his movies.. but now.. I dont care since i dont have time for all those so big deal movies.. LOL
jk .. just dont have time.. :)


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Pfffth Steel!! we do rent movies.. but the most of times I fell sleep, cuz of worn out of the day.. or All tvs took over by kids or my man.. so i have this computer.. this computer is my tv..
Also, if i want to keep wake.. i have to keep myself busy like doing crocheting or do something with my hands to keep my awake and watch.. blah!


Sean Connery.. *swoons* Hottest old guy - in my book. LoL.. James Bond movies are awesome - I like the older ones though for some reason. Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Diamonds Are Forever.. etc etc..


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I love 007 movies!! I hope Catherine Zeta Jones will play in any future 007 movies cuz I consider her as sexy spy gal who can seduce 007. LOL


I don't know. I have seen them but only when I was a kid, and I never really had any interest to watch 007 films. Maybe one of those days I will finally see them.