anyone experience with parent in law?


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Just want bit venting... I know one day they will read this website and may apply to them. Before I start say anything, I thankful they are my parent in the law but what we think the big different path.

Anyone have experience when the weather or electric/broken down home such no heater or a/c during the cold weather or heat weather. As i am waiting for repair on schedule to REPLACE WHOLE THING!

My kid do sign until we stay at parent house which its my parent in the law. my kid start decrease sign but kid and I are okay. It hard on my spouse due sign language is primary language to communicate. I asked the kid why decide not sign to parent? Kid response, grandparent does not sign I want talk without sign. So I asked several question but response without sign language. I do not like see the fall apart because parent in the law thinks the different such as believe that need caretaker on our marriage and my kids. It is not same as my parent who strong believe as you can do it...

Anyone relate that and what your improve after made decision? I do not want sound cruel parent as (asshole parent), I know when we hear the kid say bad thing about us mean we did good job. Know what I am saying, eh...

My kid is awesome... not only if we have CODA they are always special and lot different than other kids who is not CODA due learn different culture and bi-bi language.

Thanks for your time to read this...


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We found living 1500 miles away from all relatives when our kids were growing up was a great solution.

I strongly recommend it if you can find any way to move.

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I want to make sure if i follow you right. If you are deaf, and your spouse is deaf. You speak and spouse is an ASL user right? Grandparents are hearing.

how old are the kids?

Some hearing kids do sign less when they interact with hearing adults in the household. Yup. Do you best to keep signing and signin. It will impact on kids and it will dawn on them one day.

Sometimes my kids dont sign when the heairng adults are around. of course I sign to them then they had to sign back to me.


grandparents complained when my kids used signed only when they were young. Now they can speak more.
In-laws are always a pain in the #$%


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My soon to be inlawa are learning asl becuase theit son has hearing loss, well one of them, and all family is learning, which im one teaching them.