Any Where In The World


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Either 49th or 50th state. For 49th state, it would be prudhoe Bay, if 50th state, it would be Waimea Bay.
I won't be able to drive down to 50th state, no problem driving to 49th since Diesel is everywhere up there. (shhh I know it won't be cheap)


I'd like to be in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's world where it's filled with strangely awesome demons and supernatural. What can I say, I'm a little immature for my age.
LOL You're not alone, I like the dark world of Scandinavia. (MushyCookies, trolls are found here, you'll love it. LOL ;) )


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I'm awake! Really. :zzz:

I've had to lock my door sometimes to stop the 3yr old from coming and prying my eyes open. She's a big Cars fan, too. Not sure she has a favorite between Lightning or Mater. And pretty much anything Disney. I think they put subliminal messages in their movies. She likes to come in and spin around in a circle and say "Look at my dress, it's twirling!" Then she starts talking about the princesses and the dances. 3 is a great age I think. They start being more independent. Plus she is also a persistent talker, so if I don't hear her, she keeps repeating until I answer! Never seems to get tired of it. The oldest, though. The only thing she repeats is when she wants some money or clothes or something.
My son doesn't seem to have a favorite either between Mater and Lightening...he just has to carry both of them around...

That is so cute about her spinning around in a circle. I wonder if our little girl will be like that. Right now she is only 3 mos old; so we have a while to see what she will be like. Right now though she just coos and giggles up a storm. How old is your oldest? I don't look forward to the teenage years...they should just stay little forever. :)

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I don't know what I am missing...

Anyway I never really thought about going to any place I want to go. I'm not into planning so a road trip without map sounds fantastic in my head or travel 50 states in a single trip.


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hawaii is soooooooo humid. The envelopes in the hotel room desk were sealed shut from the humidity. The sheets always feel wet. Unless you have constant a/c. which is very expensive, then it would be lovely. Unless you like having to take 3 showers a day from the humid sea air stickyness all over your body. It IS gorgeous, though.

I'd go to Cozumel. Beautiful island off the Mexican mainland in the Mayan riviera. Not so humid, but hot as hell. And the people are so nice. The water is clear and clean and the cost of living is low.

If you choose Italy, stay out of Roma, it's filthy and there's a lot of violent prejudice against the Romas (gypsies). Italians treat them like crap. Very sad.