Any deaf or deaf community in Kerrville, Texas?


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Hello everyone!

My wife and i was wondering are a deaf community at kerrville, Texas? Cause we are going to visit there and stay there for couple months. If you know anybody whom lives there, you lives up or have knowledge about it please share :) thanks!


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Hi! I was wondering if you were able to find any Deaf community or events in Kerrville? I will be in town this weekend and I am an interpreting student (almost finished!) and was hoping to find some Deaf events, or interpreted events while I'm there. Or even just to meet and Deaf people in the community so I'll have friends in Kerrville too. Hope you got the info you needed!


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Austin has a large Deaf community. The state school for the Deaf is located there.

It's 2 hours away from the Austin.

I have been know that Kerrville used to have large deaf camp in 80s. Now, they're relocation to nearly Hunterville, a hour away from Houston.